Compliance Investigations

The business world has changed, especially for highly regulated companies. The burdens and compliance risks placed on you today are high and the costs of non-compliance can be staggering.

As a leader in your organization you have to be ready to conduct internal investigations and provide answers to shareholders, government regulators, and litigants who believe they are being treated unfairly. And as you are probably aware, the risk to you is great – you face potential loss of employment, loss of business, and sometimes worse, harm to your reputation or your company’s future.

For these reasons, concerns reported to ethics hotlines and inquiries made by federal and state investigators should be taken very seriously. This especially holds true for highly regulated companies in industries such as health care, and also for publicly traded company, utilities, government contractors, and companies or organizations receiving taxpayer funds.

If you are being investigated, you need help.

Seeking counseling from an attorney experienced with helping regulated companies respond to a federal or state investigation should be among your top priorities if someone is alleging you or your business committed ethics act or code-of-conduct violations, engaged in illegal retaliation or intimidation, caused safety or security breaches, or other serious allegations.

Together with your investigations lawyer, you can effectively conduct an internal investigation of your operations, implement corrective actions, and locate all the documents you need to respond to an investigator as quickly as possible.

I work with compliance issues everyday.

Regardless of where you are located, I can help you begin a thorough internal investigation immediately after you contact me. My process includes asking for your preliminary assessment, conducting independent interviews of relevant personnel and thoroughly reviewing all relevant documentation to evaluate your compliance risk. Using this information, I will prepare a well-written and researched report to provide to corporate management or, depending on the circumstances, to an investigator.

My goal is simple: show the regulator that further government action is unnecessary because no misconduct occurred or because the anonymous complainant has the wrong facts or is missing key information.

And further, I know your reputation matters to you, your colleagues, and your business partners, providers and customers. For that reason, I go above and beyond to maintain your trust and limit your potential exposure as much as possible.