Jane Penny

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If you need a white collar criminal investigations attorney, I can help.

My legal practice is devoted to helping professionals and businesses involved in white collar criminal investigations and, although I’m based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, I will travel where you need me to provide effective representation to your business or employees faced with potential criminal charges.

I understand that being investigated for corporate misconduct, receiving a grand jury subpoena, and testifying under oath regarding your business decisions, are among the more challenging events you will experience in your professional career. You may have been in the wrong position at the wrong time or the facts in your situation may look different to people on the outside, who do not understand the decisions you made. Regardless, you need help from a lawyer who can prepare you for and defend you during a government investigation.

You need a white collar defense attorney who is discreet, thorough, and fast.

My clients are my top priority and receive my constant day-to-day attention.

I have over 35 years of experience working with white collar professionals and highly regulated companies, and I know my clients need undivided, one-on-one, counseling in a discreet, thorough, and fast manner. That is the best course of action for you to follow if you are involved in a high stakes regulatory compliance investigation, Nuclear Regulatory Commission investigation, or federal or state grand jury investigation.

And I understand your priorities. Your goal may be to prove your business decisions were justified and, often more importantly, to preserve your reputation.  As a result, one of my first initiatives is to scramble hard to turn the situation around so you know whether and how to respond.  I want you to feel confident that you are following the legal strategy that works best for you.

Further, as an experienced white collar defense attorney, I can prepare you or your employees for everything to come. Testifying under oath can be an intimidating process, even for a fact witness. When possible, I take clients to the courtroom or grand jury areas so they can become comfortable sitting in the witness chair, testing out the microphones, and seeing where documents will be displayed. Together you and I can locate the materials you need and examine the decisions you made so that you can prepare an informed response and confidently defend your actions.

And lastly, you need someone who can dive into the details and do so quickly. If your company is under investigation or has received a grand jury subpoena, you must respond quickly to preserve key evidence and identify whether there were culpable individuals whose conduct must be addressed. My job is to complete all of the time-intensive investigatory work, organize and review documents, interview employees, and prepare you or your staff for the steps ahead. And when you are under investigation, my top priority is to do all of this as quickly as possible.

If you are undergoing a serious investigation and need help getting out, I’d like to help you.

Email me to discuss your situation and how I can help.

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  • AV® Preeminent 5.0 out of 5 (Since 2002)
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