Nuclear Regulatory Commission Investigation Defense

The nuclear regulations enforced by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission extend to every component of your licensed operations and remaining compliant with the broad scope of these requirements takes constant vigilance.

Even when your licensed facility and personnel strive to remain compliant, investigations can still occur. Specifically, your staff and their regulated activities may become subject to a Nuclear Regulatory Commission/Office of Investigations probe, a Safety Conscious Work Environment (SCWE) investigation, a Department of Labor investigation regarding discrimination or retaliation, or an FBI investigation into nuclear safety and security issues.

All of these investigations can cause unanticipated burdens to your facility or operations. And when they occur, you should seek help from a Nuclear Regulatory Commission investigation defense attorney.

If your nuclear regulated activities are under investigation, I can help.

My Nuclear Regulatory Commission investigation defense practice can help you and your licensed personnel and employees understand their responsibilities during an investigation. Beginning with the Three Mile Island investigation, I have over 35 years of experience defending individuals and entities affected by nuclear regulations including licensed utilities, senior site management, licensed operators, security force members, nuclear vendors and contractors, and other hard working professionals employed by entities within the NRC’s jurisdiction.

When the NRC’s Office of Investigations begins an investigation, it often is important to conduct a thorough internal investigation. This is where I can provide value to your regulated nuclear business, and help you understand the extent of the situation facing you. Specifically, I conduct internal investigations for facilities and companies with a focus on reviewing relevant procedures, testing and training records, technical issues, and employee work performance files to help you locate and present key evidence, and improve staff’s ability to testify accurately and completely.

Together, your corporate counsel and I can quickly locate the information you need to detect wrongdoing or identify safety-significant issues.  I can work with you to correct misconduct, avoid incomplete document disclosures and testimony pitfalls, or worse, an employee’s committing perjury or making false statements to an OI agent.  I can also help you respond to NRC enforcement actions including pre-decisional enforcement conferences or alternative dispute resolutions.